2020 Airtel Tariff Plan / Migration Codes

Am personally in love with the flexible Airtel Tariff Plan. Airtel Nigeria tariff plan always find a way to make things easy and better for her subscribers. Whoever you’re, whatever you on, wherever you live, am glad to show you the best Airtel tariff plan 2020 in Nigeria you have been searching for.

Benefits in Airtel Nigeria tariff Plan 2020

  • Free midnight calls
  • Data bonuses on recharge
  • Relative low call rates both for local and international calls.

Airtel has one of the best tariff plans and I will back my words with evidence on this article. The Airtel calling rates are the cheapest (as low as N6 per second) also they give amazing bonuses to their subscribers and so on.
Its very possible to be an airtel subscriber for a long time and yet you’re not aware of the bonuses you get daily or some previledges you’re suppose to enjoy. Well without wasting anymore time let’s dig in to know how special the Airtel network really is.

List of All current Airtel Tariff plans, their benefits and migration code

Airtel SmartConnect Tariff Plan and Migration Code

There is a saying that you don’t know the value of what you have until you loose it. This plan comes to you by default that is once you get a new Airtel SIM today you’re automatically on this plan. But if you migrate to another plan there is no coming back here unless you get a new sim. I am currently on this tariff and i dont feel like leaving it lol. Now let’s see why so many subscribers wish they could come back to this plan after leaving.

Benefits of the Airtel Smartconnect tariff plan 2020

  1. You get 800% bonus on recharge of N100 and above for the first three months after activation. However, the 800% is divided as seen below ;
  2. Main account -100%
  3. Voice bonus account – 250%
  4. Data bonus account – 250%
  5. Social bonus account -100%
  6. Family and friends account -100%
  7. Bonus of N300 weekly for recharge of N200 and above
  8. 15MB data bonus weekly for recharge of N200 and above

How to migrate to Airtel Smartconnect tariff plan

This plan is the default plan on all new Airtel sims. There is no code to migrate to it.

AIRTEL SmartTalk Tariff Plan 2020

If you enjoy talking to your friends in Nigeria or you have friends abroad that you wish to talk to daily on a low calling rate then this plan is for you. Let’s take a look at other features

Benefits of the SmartTalk Airtel Nigeria tariff plan

  1. local call rate is 11k/s
  2. International calls are charged at 20k/s
  3. This plan is open to both old and new Sims.

How To Migrate To Airtel SmartTalk Tariff Plan

You can join this plan by simply dailing *315# or send yes to 315

Airtel SmartTrybe Tariff Plan 2020

I call this one “ojoro plan” because its almost like its cheating on the other Airtel Nigeria tariff plan. This is probably the most liked Airtel Tariff plan. Now let’s see why;

Benefits of the SmartTrybe Tariff Plan

  1. Calls are charged at 11k /s
  2. 500MB for N25 for midnight browsing (12am to 5am)
  3. Free access to social media incluing Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter and bbm
  4. Free 5 sms when you pay for 2
  5. 30% bonus on data plans from N500 and above
  6. 60MB data bonus on recharge of N200 valid for a month

How to migrate to the smartTrybe tariff plan

Just dial *312# to migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe

Airtel SmartTrybe Junior Tariff Plan 2020

This Airtel Nigeria plan is for you and your children. There are special benefits enjoyed by this tariff alone. Let’s find out

Features of the Airtel SmartTrybe junior Tariff Plan

  1. Free calls and sms to mom and dads line from kid’s line
  2. 10% bonus of airtime transfered to kid’s line whenever the parent recharge
  3. 100% bonus is given when data is purchased from 200MB and above
  4. NERDC approved courses in simple formats for kids
  5. All calls are charged at 40k/s from the first minute and 11k/s to numbers on FaF list and 20k/s to all network in Nigeria.

How to migrate to the Airtel SmartTrybe Junior Tariff Plan

Just dial *317# to subscribe to this Airtel plan

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Airtel Smart Premier 2020

Tariff Plan

This plan is so similar to the smartTrybe and smart talk but with just a slight difference to its advantage actually. Well let’s find out more.

Features of the Airtel Smart premier tariff plan

  1. You get up to 500 free minutes of call when your recharge for the month is N5000 and above
  2. You get 150MB on every recharge
  3. Local and internatonal call rate is initially 40k/s for the first minute of the day then others are charged 11k/s

How to migrate to the Airtel Smart Premier Tariff plan

To migrate to Airtel Smart Premier tariff a plan, just dail *318#

Airtel Smart Value Tariff Plan 2020

This is probably the Airtel plan that you’ve been searching for. No hidden charges, no access fees! Makes sense right?. Let’s find out more;

Features of the Airtel Smart value tariff plan

  1. All calls within Nigeria are charged 15k/s from the first second call of the day.
  2. No daily access fee.
  3. International calls are charged at 20k/s

How to migrate to the Airtel smart value tariff plan

Dial *314# to migrate to Airtel Smart Value Tariff Plan.

Airtel Value Tariff Plan 2020

This plan was introduced in 2017.its almost like the others but with a little upgrade.

Features of the Airtel value plan

  1. Calling rate is 11/k per second from the very first second
  2. No access fee to enjoy the free calling rate

How to migrate to the Airtel Value Tariff Plan
Just dial *243# to join this plan

There you go guys on the updated Airtel Tariff plan for 2018 / 2019. This post on Airtel Nigeria Tariff plan was last updated November, 2018. I hope you choose the best Airtel Tariff Plan for you.

Source: www.airtel.com.ng

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