9mobile Tariff Plan 2020 – New Etisalat Plan and Migration Codes

Whenever i say that 9mobile formerly known as ETISALAT Nigeria is up to something its no joke. Now this article on 9mobile tariff plan 2020, proves me right! The company has upgraded their standard in terms of quality of service delivery and included lots of benefits for both new and existing 9mobile (etisalat) customers.9mobile is the new and better ETISALAT! however, most of their customer know little or nothing about their tarrif plans and are missing out big time.

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How to check current 9mobile tariff plan

Just dial *200*1*6# to check your current active call plan on 9mobile.
So, without wasting any more time let’s get down to business.

9MOBILE current Tariff plans 2020 and migration code

However, this article also contains the cheapest 9Mobile tariff plan and how to subscribe to them. All you have to do is to read, understand and pick the one that best suits your lifestyle. Before we continue, it is important you know your current 9mobile tariff plan.

9mobile more talk (formerly called ETISALAT easy starter)

As the name implies “more talk”. This plan is mainly for those who enjoy talking on the phone for long. So if you want a plan that gives you the opportunity to talk more then 9mobile more talk is for you. Let’s find out more.

Features of the 9MOBILE more talk

  • The plan has the family and friends option which allows you to add a set of numbers that would be given a special discounted call rate
  • The talk continues even when you’re out of airtime as a request would be sent to the other party to get charged for the duration
  • Calls are charged at 40k/s initially but drops to 25k/s after N25 has been used for the day.
  • The “you and me” feature is also available which gifts you N300 free for the week to call 5 numbers when you recharge N200 or get N100 when you recharge N100
  • You get free 10MB weekly browsing just by N100 recharge

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How to migrate to the 9MOBILE (etisalat) more talk tariff plan

  • To switch to this plan dial *244*2# but if its a new sim just dial 200 and press 1.
  • How to add number to the “you and me” list on the 9MOBILE more talk
  • Dial *233*1*number#

9mobile morecliq Tariff Plan (formerly called Easycliq)

If you’re familia with Easycliq then you already know this plan as little or nothing was altered in the plan. Let’s see the features

Features of the 9MOBILE (etisalat) morecliq

  • Calls to other 9mobile numbers are charged at 20k/s while calls to other network are charged 40k/s but after you use N25 daily the call rate drops to 15k/s to other 9mobile numbers and 30k/s to other network.
  • You enjoy free 15MB daily to surf the net on every N200 recharge.
  • Free midnight call from 12:30am to 4:30 am
  • How to migrate to the morecliq tariff
  • Just dial *244*1# to join this plan

9mobile more flex tariff plan

This plan gives me goose pimples all the time. The bonuses are just much and it’s one of the simplest and best tariff in the 9mobile network.

Features of etisalat Nigeria More flex tariff plan

  • You get 350% bonus when you purchase flex 2000 for voice calls and value.
  • Subscription of 500,1000,5000 and 10,000 attracts 300% bonus for voice call and data
  • 9mobile More Flex gives free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 6 countries.
  • enjoy and “flex” over 300% bonus when you purchase flex 4,000,10,000 and 20,000 bundles
  • This tariff gives one bundle for free if you purchase flex 2000 and 5000 one after the other.

How to migrate to different flex in 9mobile

The list below shows all the flex types and migration codes.
Flex bundles
Bundle price
Activation code

9mobile More flex 300


More flex 500


More flex 1000


More flex 2000


More flex 4000


More flex 5000


9mobile more life tariff plan

The more life tariff plan is actually the cheapest 9Mobile tariff plan in terms of calling rate. It is a voiced-based plan aimed at giving customers more time to make both local and international minute calls.let’s see the features ;

Features of more life tariff plan

  • Calling rate can get to as low as 11k/s after access fee of just N5 daily
  • Calls to 4 international countries (UK landline, USA, China and India) charged at a low price of 20k/s.
  • You also enjoy free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 6 countries.

How to Subscribe to the More life tariff plan

Just dial *420*1#

9mobile more Flex Evolution tariff plan

This is the plan I call the “balance diet” plan. The plan gives you bonuses for call times and data for browsing. Sounds interesting right? So the plan gives you the opportunity to choose between two categories ” more voice” (voice +) or more data (data +). Let’s find out more

First let’s see the different features of the voice + and data + categories.

9mobile bundles under this tariff include;

More flex evolution 500

Price (N) 500
Data + 300MB +N500 airtime

Voice + N1,500 airtime + 75MB

More flex evolution 1000

Price (N) 1000
Data + 750MB +N 1000 airtime

Voice + N3,000 airtime + 150MB

More flex evolution 2000

Price (N) 2000
Data + 2GB +N3,000 airtime
Voice + N7,000 airtime + 500MB

More flex evolution 5000

Price (N) 5000
Data + 3GB + N5,000 airtime
Voice + N15,000 airtime + 1GB

Features of the 9MOBILE more flex evolution tariff plan

On-net and off net calls are charged at 40k/s
Sms charged N4
MMS charged N100
Pay as go data charged at 3k per kilobite

How to migrate to the more flex evolution tariff

Just dial *320# to join this plan
Dial *300*0# to opt out

9mobile Talkzone tariff plan

I enjoyed this plan back then when it was called ETISALAT Talkzone. I can testify that you will enjoy it too. Calls on this plan can be made at a very low rate of 12k/s depending on WHERE and WHEN you make the calls. It is similar to the mtn zone prepaid plan.

Features of Talkzone tariff plan

The only feature of this plan is that there is no constant call rate except calls made to other 9mobile numbers between 12;30am and 4:30am which are charged at 12k/s. Calls are charged according to time and location.

How to migrate to the 9MOBILE Talkzone

Just dial *244*8# to join this tariff

9mobile Cliqlite tariff plan

This plan was actually designed for children between the ages of 8-15 years old. Although it was made for children, everyone can actually use it. The plan support learning and development of children.

Features of Cliqlite tariff plan

  • Calls are charged initially at 40k/s but after N25 usage it drops to 20k/s for in-net numbers and 30k/s for off-net numbers
  • New subscribers are given 250% on every recharge made
  • 10MB is given on N100 recharge within a week
  • 100% bonus is given on purchase of data worth 200MB to 10GB
  • You get 1minute to call Cliqlite numbers after you receive 5 minutes call from Nigeria or other foreign countries.

How to migrate to 9mobile (etisalat) Cliqlite

Just dial *244*10#

9mobile Morecliq break free tariff plan

This plan is like a cheat compared with other 9mobile tariff plans. Unfortunately it is only available to only those on the more cliq tariff plan. Now let’s find out what makes it special

Features of the more cliq break free tariff plan

  • The more cliq break free gives you the opportunity to choose between the following options
  • Either you enjoy 350% bonus for on-net calls;
  • Here you get 350% bonus on every recharge of N100 and above.The bonus here is used only for on-net calls Chaged at 50k/s. Bonus is valid for 7 days
  • Calls are charged 40k/s from main account and 50k from bonus account
  • Or you can as well get 250% bonus to all network ;
  • Here you get 250% on every of N100 and above. The bonus is then divided into two (50:50) which would be used for on-net calls and off-net calls. Bonus is valid for 7 days
  • Calls are charged at 50k/s from both main and bonus accounts
  • 100% bonus on data plans from 50MB to 500MB;
  • This plan gives you 100% bonus on data plans.
  • Calls are charged at 25k/s from both main and bonus account.

How to migrate to the more cliq break free tariff plan

Like stated earlier, you must be on the more cliq to be able to join this tariff. So after joining more cliq by dialing *244*10# just dial *545# then pick out of the options.

9mobile super bonus tariff plan

There is a saying that first impression matters alot. Now this is the 9MOBILE first impression tariff plan. They welcome you with a huge bonus or what we call “awoof” on this one. Let’s find out more;

Features of the 9MOBILE Super bonus tariff plan

  • You get N1,400 for calls when you recharge N200 on your new sim. (This is a one-time offer)
  • You also get a limited discounted offer of 1GB for N500
  • You get 250% bonus on other recharges made on the line as long as you’re still on the tariff.

How to Subscribe to the 9MOBILE (etisalat) super bonus tariff plan

Just buy a new sim and recharge with N200 and you’re in automatically

9mobile more business tariff plan

If you’re looking for the best tariff plan for you and your employees, then today you’re in luck. This plan gives you and your employees flexible and affordable voice and data bundles.
This plan comes with free adds;

  • like free business tips,
  • 20 free sms zero rated free access to SME arena
  • How to Subscribe to the 9MOBILE more business tariff plan

The list shows the different types of more business tariff plan plus activation code Bundle

More business 1000

  • Cost (N) 1000
  • Time : 70 minutes
  • Data value : 750MB
  • Activation code :*246*4*24#

More business 2000

  • Cost (N) 2000
  • Time : 150 minutes
  • Data value :1.5GB
  • Activation code : *246*21#

More business 5000

  • Cost (N) 5000
  • Time : 300 minutes
  • Data value : 5GB
  • Activation/MIGRATION code : *246*22#

Well guys, there you go on all the current ( including cheapest) 9Mobile tariff plans 2020. Choose from these etisalat tariff according to your need.

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