Glo Tariff Plan 2020 – Migration Code, and Check Balance

If you have good Glo Network and you’re not using Glo this 2020, my dear you’re sleeping on a bicycle because the company comes up with amazing Glo Tariff Plan almost every month. Even most of their subscribers don’t know they’re not taking advantage of everything they are entitle to as a glo subscriber.

Its almost like Glo subscribers are special set of persons because they enjoy almost everything in double while others get half and that’s not fair. Although other network are up and doing making sure they are not left behind. The only disadvantage of Glo Data is in terms of the data quality in some part of the country.

Glo have always been on top of the list when it comes to both data for surfing the net also with bonus data, airtime for calls and texts upon recharge. Glo has a very cheap calling rate and they give large quantity of data to their subscribers. Am sure all Glo subscribers can testify to this. So are you currently a Glo subscriber and you’re here looking for the best Glo tarrif plan 2020 to migrate to or you’re about getting a new Glo sim. This article promises to give you full details on all the exciting benefits available in the Glo world.

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Glo infinito


Glo 11kobo per second plan

This is one of the best Glo tariff plan 2019 currently available.

Features of Glo 11k/s Tariff Plan plan 2020

  • Glo to Glo calls at 11k per second with no access fee
  • Calls from Glo to other network in Nigeria and other 30 countries are charged 15 lobo per second of the deduction of #5 for access fee.
  • The 30 countries include U.S, Sweden, Spain, UK, south Korea, south Africa, Singapore, Romania, reunion island,Rico, Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, China, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, French Guiana, Hong, mexico, Mongolia, Netherland, Norway, Puerto, Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg and Malta
  • On this tariff plan, you can send on-net SMS and off-net SMS at #4 per SMS while international SMS is charged #30 per SMS.
  • You also get 10 minutes (valid for seven days?) to surf the net every month as long as you use the line every month.

How to migrate to the Glo 11k/S plan

Both existing and new customers can get this plan running by dialing *211#

Glo Infinto Plan 2020

This is a simple and unique plan with no hidden charges

Features of the plan

  • Calls are made at 22kobo/second on this plan from first to last second of calls.
  • You’re given the opportunity to add 10 numbers on your Family and friends list and calls to these numbers would be charged at 11k/s. and family

How to migrate to the Glo Infiniti tariff plan 2020

New and existing customers can migrate to this plan by dialing *100*9*2#

How to add numbers to your family and friend list

Dial *101*1*number#

Glo Bumba

This plan is for those business men who are always making business calls at long duration. This plan is almost too good to be true because you get to make calls like a boss.

Features of the plan

You get 200% bonus on all recharge of #100 and above.So if you recharge #100 be sure you’re getting #300 if you’re on this tarrif
Calls to Glo or any other network on this tarrif are charged at 50k/s
SMS are charged #4 per SMS.

How to migrate to the Glo Bumba

Just dial *100*10*1#

How to check your Bumba account balance

Dial *122*2#

Glo jollific8

This one is just too temptin! This plan gives you 8 times your recharge, yes you read it right. But the plan was done to get new customers into the glo world, so if you can go get a new sims if you want to enjoy this plan.

Features of this Glo tariff plan

  • Glo gives new customers 800% on all recharge from #100 and above
  • In addition to the 800% bonus, customers also get another bonus to call local network.
  • Bonuses expires 60days after recharge
  • You can transfer your bonus to another Glo customer
  • Calls are charged 67k/s on this plan
  • You can also enjoy this plan while you’re still on Biggy, jolli and IDD packs
  • Free data can also be gifted to customers on this plan
  • Dial *123*pin# to get your 800% bonus. Also dial *600# to check data bonus and #122# to check voice bonus

lets see the breakdown;

Recharge of N100 gives you ;
N800 + 10MB (N50) =N850
Recharge of #200 gives you;
N1,600 + 25MB(N100) =N1,700
Recharge of N500 gives you;
N4,000 + 50MB(N200)= N4,200
Recharge of N1000 gives you;
N8,000 + 100MB (N400)= N8,400
Recharge of N5,000 gives you;
N40,000 + 500MB(N2,000) = N42,000

How to migrate to the jollific8 2020

Just buy a new sims and register it and you’re automatically on this plan!

Glo twin bash tariff plan

Glo never cease to amaze us. This plan is like a breath of fresh air. If surfing the net is your hobby like me then this plan is meant for you.

Features of the plan

  • Glo offers N1,200 for every data recharge of N200 naira and above.
  • 200MB (N800)+N200 airtime bonus + N200(recharged) = N1,200
  • Bonuses are valid for four days
  • When you make recharge of N500, you get ;
  • 500MB + N500 airtime bonus(calls &SMS) + N500( to call 10 family and friends numbers)
  • The bonuses are valid for 7 days
  • Recharge of N1000 gives you;
  • N1000 free airtime to call or send SMS to any number
  • Another N1000 to call 10 family and friends numbers
  • Bonu is valid for 15 days

Code for twin bash

Recharge line by dailing *223*pin#

Glo bounce

This plan is just amazing. It was specially designed to support the youths by giving the youths superior value for their recharge.

Features of the plan

  • Glo to Glo and any other network call are charged 12k/s
  • Calls between Glo bounce subscribers are charged 5k/s
  • Customers on the campus zone make calls to Glo customers at 5k/s after making initial minutes of N40
  • Free night calls between 12;00a.m and 4:59a.m after making initial minutes call worth N30 between 12:01a.m and 11:59a.m
  • You get free 30MB after recharge of N200 is made
  • Free SMS for every recharge.
  • SMS is charged N4/sms to local network and N10/sms to international lines and N3/sms to other Glo bounce subscribers.

How to migrate to Glo bounce

Dial *170*4#

How to join Campus zone

Dial *170*9#

Glo free tomorrow

This plan gives you back double of recharges made today tomorrow for free. Can it get any better than this? So if you want N1000 free tomorrow, you just have to make recharge of N500 today. No terms and conditions attached, it is as simple as it is.

How to migrate to Glo free tomorrow

just dial *300#

Glo Gbam plan

If you like very low calling rate and want free data for daily browsing then this plan might interest you.

Features of the plan

  • Calls to all lines are charged 15k/s
  • Calls to numbers on Faf is at 9k/s
  • All sms charged at N4 per sms while international sms is N10/sms
  • You enjoy free 5MB daily for browsing(expires after 24hrs)

Code for migrating to Glo Gbam

This plan is open for new and existing customers.
Just dial *100*5*1#

How to add number to Glo family and friends list

Dial *101*1*number# to add up to 5 lines to this list.

Glo Yakata Plan 2020

This is one product that gives the best value for your money. This plan gives you up to 6GB every month when you buy a new Glo sim (about 36G of data) plus N2,200 on every N100 recharge to call all networs. Now let’s find out more. .

Features of the plan

Voice benefits not restricted to only Glo to Glo calls
If you first recharge is N200 or more, you will get a data bonus that is 2.5 times higher than the regular data benefits
This data bonuses comes every first recharge of the month for 6 months
Bonuses valid for 7 days.

How to migrate to glo Yakata

Just dial *220# to subscribe

Glo Generation G plan

This plan gives you amazing call rate along side other packages. Let’s find out more;

Features of Glo Generation G plan

  • When you recharge N100, you get 50% bonus free
  • When you recharge N200, you get 100% bonus free
  • You get 200% bonus for recharge of N500 and above.
  • You get 15MB on every N
  • 200 recharge and above
  • Unlimited sms

How to migrate to Glo G generation

Just dial *170*5# to join this plan.

These are the updated Glo tariff plan 2019 for you to choose from. I guess you learnt alot today..the most popular of them this 2019 is Glo yakata and Glo oga SIM. Feel free to drop your comments

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