MTN Tariff Plan 2020 with Updated Migration Codes

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Hello! I guess you’ probably wondering which is MTN Nigeria best tariff plan 2020 right now because they always upgrade and add new ones in no time. Well that’s mtn for you, the company never stop striving to give her customers the best she could so they can get maximum value for their money.

Teaser: Do you know you can get 2GB for just N100? Read on to find out mtn tariff plan and migration code that suit you best.

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MTN Data Plan 2020: Bundles and Subscription codes

Its no news anymore that mtn has one of the cheapest call rate in Nigeria currently and of course they also have a very wide range of network coverage. That’s why they go with their moto “everywhere you go”.
Have you ever asked yourself these questions ;

  1. MTN cheapest tariff plan?
  2. Which is the best mtn tarrif plan to migrate to?
  3. mtn prepaid tariff plan is suitable best to call family and
  4. What mtn tariff plan comes with alot of data bonus when you recharge?
  5. Which mtn tariff plan allows me to save more?

This article promises to provide you with all the relevant information with regards the mtn tariff plans 2018 and how to subscribe to them. Without wasting anymore time let’s go into details
Just before we start, i want to show you how to know your current mtn tariff plan.

How to check your current mtn tariff plan 2020

Dail *123*1*2# To check you current mtn tariff plan and also to migrate .

Different MTN tariff plans, their benefits and migration code

MTN Pulse

This plan was formerly called mtn iPulse plan. This tariff plan is widely known across Nigeria mainly because of the numerous Nigerian music celebraties it featured it the promotional video.

Well, personally, MTN Pulse plan is just too amazing, if you don’t know why and would really like to know why mtn pulse is an amazing plan read more.

Benefits of the mtn pulse Plan

  • You make mtn to mtn calls at a flat rate 15k/s (outside campus) or 11k/s(inside campus) after using 40k/s for the first minute
  • The low call rate is also extended to calls to non-mtn line (off-net). After the initial 40k/s charged in the first minute, other charges would be 15k/s (outside campus) and 11k/s (inside campus)
  • You get 10MB when you make a recharge of N100 and it is valid for 24 hours .
  • 20MB of data is given to you when you make recharge of N200 and it is valid for 24 hours.
  • MTN Pulse happy hour free mid night data plan. This plan gives you N500MB with just N25 to browse between 12AM and 4AM daily.

Cheat! You can get 2GB if you have 4 mtn sims on all night calls pulse

  • You can also enjoy unlimited music streaming for just N10 per day.
  • MTN Data Plan of 500 Naira for 1GB of data is available only to MTN Pulse subscribers. The 1Gigabyte data has a validiti period of 14days (2 weeks).

How to Migrate to MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

Just dial *406# to migrate to mtn pulse

another method to migrate is via SMS. Open your text message and Send “406” to “131” to migrate to the mtn pulse.

Note: Remove the hyphens above when sending the text message.

Mtn Beta talk tariff plan

Just as the name implies “Beta talk“, this plan meets all expectations. You get so much bonus to really talk that beta talk.

Features of MTN beta talk plan

  • You get free 10MB upon N100 recharge valid for 7 days
  • This plan gives you 200% bonus on every recharge of N100 and above and 100% bonus for recharges below N100.All bonus are valid for 7 days and can be used to call all local network
  • Calls are charged at 40k/s. Don’t forget you would be given up to 200% bonus so this plan is definitely on point.

How to migrate to MTN beta talk tariff plan

You can migrate by just dialing *123*2*1# or send an sms with the word BT to 131

Mtn Xtraspecial tariff plan

If you have lots of friends abroad then this plan will definitely suit you because the call rate here is 15k/s for both local and international calls. Makes sense right? Well, some of the international countries include ;

  1. Canada
  2. Germany
  3. China
  4. Sweden
  5. South Korea
  6. Israel
  7. Hong kong
  8. Romania
  9. Denmark
  10. Cyprus
  11. India
  12. Ireland
  13. Malaysia
  14. South African
  15. United kingdom
  16. United states
  17. Malta
  18. Luxembourg.

How to migrate to Xtraspecial tariff plan

to migrate to mtn xtraspecial, Just dial this migration code; *480#

Mtn Xtravalue tariff plan

I call this plan balance diet. Now the simple reason for that is that you get bonuses on both data and airtime. You just have to choose which you want more, data or airtime. Yea, you heard me right. This plan is divided into two categories. Let’s check them out ;

Xtratalk bundle ; offers more airtime

If you subscribe to N300 Xtratalk, you get N975 to call at N24/s. Thus it offers about a minute more time than beta talk and a minute less than pulse but remember you also get extra data so that balances everything

Xtradata bundle ;offers more data

MTN tariff

If you subscribe to N300MTN xtradata, you get 372 Naira airtime to make calls at N24 per second and 150MB data bonus.

How to migrate to MTN Xtravalue tariff plan

To migrate to MTN XtraValue tariff plan, Just dial this migration code below;


So there you go guys for all you need to know about the current MTN tariff plan and migration code for 208/2019 calender year.

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